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Do you want to be an evaluation site?

SKUP evaluates point-of-care instruments and rapid tests. The practical work of the evaluations are performed by the user, who usually are health care professionals. Possible locations for an SKUP evaluation can be primary health care centres or emergency departments.


The number of patients an evaluation site recruits for the evaluation depends on the location and type of evaluation. In most cases, the practical work for an evaluation site is completed after 1-3 months, depending on the resources available on site.


The patient results on the evaluated equipment are confirmed by analyses on the routine method at a hospital laboratory. Therefore, SKUP are also in the need of hospital laboratories in our evaluations. On special occasions, the equipment is evaluated by experienced personnel in the laboratory.


When participating as an evaluation site, you will receive all the necessary materials from SKUP. SKUP will provide you with training, help and guidance during the evaluation. After the evaluation has ended, you will receive financial compensation for your work.


We hope that you would like to help us ensure the analytical quality and user-friendliness of point-of-care instruments and rapid tests. If you are interested to be an evaluation site or have any questions, please contact the SKUP secretary:



Christine Morken
+47 404 72 928

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