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Approximate costs

In a SKUP evaluation, the requesting party pays largely for the direct costs of the evaluation, including compensation for work at the evaluation sites, the comparison method, and supplementary equipment. SKUP covers almost all of their personnel costs for planning the evaluation, writing the protocol, data analysis, writing report, etc.

The cost for each SKUP evaluation is unique and depends on where the evaluation will be performed (the evaluation site), the comparison method and the need for supplementary equipment.


Indicative pricelist in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) for 2023*

Evaluation of a quantitative test, e.g., CRP or HbA1c

From 173 000 NOK

Evaluation of a qualitative test, e.g., Strep A test

From 254 000 NOK

User-evaluations of systems for self-testing, e.g., glucose

From 356 000 NOK

*All prices are excluding 25 % VAT (Norwegian rate).

SKUP can also perform smaller pre-market evaluations for instruments not launched on the Scandinavian market, supplementary evaluations** or other special request evaluations. Please contact SKUP secretariat for costs. 

**Based on a previous SKUP evaluation, SKUP offers supplementary evaluations following product modifications and new models

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