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The aim and organisation of SKUP

Organisation of SKUP

Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for point of care testing, SKUP, is a co-operative commitment between DEKS1 in Denmark, Equalis2 in Sweden and Noklus3 in Norway. SKUP was established in 1997 at the initiative of laboratory medicine professionals in the three countries. SKUP is led by a Scandinavian steering committee, and the secretariat is located at Noklus in Bergen, Norway.

The purpose of SKUP is to improve the quality of near patient testing in Scandinavia by providing objective and supplier-independent information about analytical quality and user-friendliness of point of care measuring systems. This information is generated by organising SKUP evaluations.

SKUP offers manufacturers and suppliers evaluations of measuring systems for point of care use. The company requesting the evaluation pays the evaluation costs and receives in return an impartial evaluation of their system.

The SKUP reports are published and available at SKUPs website.


1 DEKS (Danish Institute for External Quality Assurance for Laboratories in the Health Sector) is a non-profit organisation owned by the Capital Region of Denmark on behalf of all other Regions in Denmark.

2 Equalis AB (External quality assessment in laboratory medicine in Sweden) is a limited, and not for profit, company in Uppsala, Sweden, owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Society of Medicine and the Swedish Institute of Biomedical Laboratory Science.

3 Noklus (Norwegian Organization for Quality Improvement of Laboratory Examinations) is a national not for profit organisation governed by a management committee consisting of representatives from the Norwegian Government, the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian Society of Medical Biochemistry, with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) as observer.



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